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Comfort Wrinkles and Puddling of Leather
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Comfort Wrinkles and Puddling of Leather

Comfort wrinkles are natural creases and folds that occur in leather over time as a result of regular use, sometimes it can happen within a week other times within months, either way comfort wrinkles are pretty much expected on all leather furniture. These wrinkles are typically found in the areas where people frequently sit or rest their arms, and they can actually add to the character and beauty of the leather.

These wrinkles occur because leather is a natural material that responds to the way it is used. In other words, when leather furniture is sat on or used regularly, it stretches and flexes, which causes the leather to develop creases and wrinkles. These wrinkles are not a sign of poor quality, but rather a natural part of the aging process for leather furniture.

The firmness of your seat cushion, its surface area, and thickness of the leather will determine to what degree your leather wrinkles or “puddles”, puddling being the initial compression of cushions from sitting down, again this is perfectly normal. With firmer cushions, less surface area, and thicker leather you will experience the least amount of wrinkles, whereas if you opt to purchase a sofa that has the opposite characteristics you will experience the most comfort wrinkles and or puddling.

A lot of people actually prefer the look of comfort wrinkles on their furniture, as it gives the piece a more lived-in and comfortable feel. However, if you prefer a more pristine look, you can help reduce comfort wrinkles by rotating the seat cushions (if they are detachable) and avoiding placing heavy objects on the leather. Additionally, you can brush your hand against the leather after sitting on it to help reduce and even out some of those comfort wrinkles.

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