Family Owned and Operated for over 85 Years.

For four generations and nearly 100 years, we have been a family owned and operated shop that specializes in premium leather furniture. What started on Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia has since moved to the suburbs and now serves the greater Philadelphia region including Bucks County, Montgomery County, the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys and beyond.

Since our founding in the early 1920’s as a full line furniture store, known simply as Erdman Furniture,  we have evolved into Leather Expressions — a premium leather furniture super store. Our goal has always been the same — providing customers with the best leather furniture at unbeatable prices. Even though the colors and styles have changed, we are still dedicated to educating and taking care of our customers and helping you find furniture that will last for 20+ years and transform your dream house into your dream home. 

Given how much time we spend with our families, friends and loved ones in our living rooms, we think investing in your comfort and buying something that will last is crucial. Furniture shopping can be a journey and we are here to help guide you every step of the way. Browse our trusted brands that have earned the Leather Expressions stamp of approval. Being family owned and operated means that every manufacturer in our store is here because we believe in it. Our fiduciary responsibility is to search high and low for not only the best furniture but also the best values in the whole wide world. We provide a wide selection of customizable furniture styles at better prices than our competition without sacrificing on quality. 

Our main location is one of (if not THE) largest leather showroom galleries in the entire country so if you are in the area, a trip is certainly worth the time. Our staff is here to help guide you along the decision process and help customize your furniture to suite your own unique style (and comfort!). We don’t believe in high pressure sales tactics. We will never be pushy, instead feel free to browse our furniture at your own pace, and whether over the phone or in person, we are available to lend our expertise and help answer any questions you may have.

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